What We Do


     What can we do for our clients?

  • Help people with disabilities, acute or chronic.
  • Relieve stress, provide emotional stability.
  • Work with other professionals to meet specific client needs, whether they are emotional, psychological, or physical. For instance, working with a dog can build self-esteem, teach empathy, boundaries, respect, improve social skills, emotional control, or listening.
  • Appear at health and wellness fairs and other venues to explain our work.
  • Participate in Read to the Dogs programs.
  • Respond to a crisis. One of our teams is specifically trained for crisis response such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and terrorist attacks. But most of our teams can be asked to step in to help people cope with an illness, accident, fire, divorce, or other traumatic event.
  • Teach children about animal care, appropriate petting and grooming. (This often turns into people — parents and children — getting past their fear of dogs, always a nice outcome.)
  • If you think the presence of a dog will make your event better, tell us about it. We may be able to help.

What we’d like from our clients. These aren’t requirements, but they make our lives easier.

  • Advance notice of 2-3 weeks, if possible. (We understand that if there’s a crisis, that’s not possible.)
  •  A contact name, email, and phone number for cancellations, time changes, questions.
  • What you want us to do, in general terms. If you can tell us what outcomes you want, we can figure out what we need to do.
  • How many teams you NEED (not want); keep in mind there aren’t a lot of us.
  • Information about special circumstances. (For instance, our dogs can do elevators; escalators may require some training.)
  •  What, if anything, we need to have with us.
  •  Water for dogs, if possible. A mat for the dog if the floor is slippery is also nice.
  •  If there are to be multiple dogs, they will need adequate space for reasonable separation.
  •  Easy access and free parking is lovely.
  •  Information about where to park, where to go, who checks us in, where to potty the dogs.
  •  Numbers of people expected, ages, special needs, etc.
  •  Staff presence is a bonus. We welcome crowd control, someone explaining who we are, and why we’re there. For those of us who are keeping official track of our work, having someone sign off on our visit is good.
  • Our group’s time is limited and often we take time off work and other engagements to serve. Please let us know if you have invited/ secured other therapy dog teams to help and if your event is well covered so that we may manage our time and resources wisely.

For more information, or to arrange a visit, contact us.